About St. Leather

Ms. Justine using one of my floggers

St. Leather handcrafts unique designs of leather floggers, paddles, canes and spreader bars for the BDSM community. A lifestyle player herself, her creations are inspired by her own experiences as a masochist and her self-guided study in leather work.

An excerpt from her interview with Fixe Magazine speaks in-depth about the toys she makes, and gives insight into this talented artisan:

Fixe Magazine: You make your own floggers and toys, how did you get started on DIY toys?

St. Leather: Eventually I moved to Idaho from California, it snowed, I quit smoking, and I needed a hobby; I needed something to do with my hands. I wasn’t part of a fetish community in that area, because it was predominantly Mormon, so through trial and error I started teaching myself to make floggers and paddles. While my flogger designs have changed dramatically, the paddles I make are still based off of my original design. I was limited to the supplies that I had access to at that time, going to the local craft stores to get leather and things of that sort. I didn’t have a lot of money to order supplies online. I learned primarily through experimentation. I am more of a self-taught person than book-taught. I am also a leather fetishist, so I find it very relaxing and therapeutic to make toys. I love designing them for my Mistress, my play partners and for people I know. My items are mostly designed for women; they are lighter to throw than most floggers you’ll find. Me being a woman, I design them the way I would like them; I put a lot of thought also into the colors and handle design. Females tend to be more receptive to the design and feel of my toys. I also make spreader bars, and have recently started working with rattan to make canes. I have been burning designs into the rattan to see what I can come up with.


St. Leather workspace

Fixe Magazine: What skills are involved in making them?

St. Leather: You need to have an understanding of leather grades, how the leather will move, the thickness, how the leather will react to being cut. A certain amount of creativity and a lot of problem solving. Some of my designs, which are a little more unique, were definitely born out of my trial and error phases. Basic knowledge of how to work with tools is also important, and was also trial and error. One day while making a paddle I ended up chiseling myself and gouging my thigh. I have glued my fingers to leather and have had to rip off several layers of skin. Blisters from twisting leather…I have had the “pleasure” of actually using a staple gun and stapling my hand. I should point out that was not part of my masochism – it did not satisfy that at all! I design a lot of my toys around my needs. For example, I like a lot of thud in my play, so I have designed many implements that deliver that. As my pain threshold has accelerated in some areas I have also modified some of my floggers’ tails to have metal snaps or rivets in their ends, in order to step up the overall impact of the toy.